• Bilal Mir

Chinese Land Reform

Maybe I'll start studying history in the context of how societies move toward socialism/Marxism/communism. Does the long arc of capitalism inevitably lead toward land reform and redistribution? How was this system supposed to maintain itself? What's to be done at our present time when the impending evictions loom over the nation's head?

Our washing machines in our apartment complex take quarters and there's a quarter shortage. I Googled how to rig a coin-op laundry machine and so far I haven't had any luck. Is this how it starts? The people in charge put you in an uncompromising position where you can't wash your clothes because you can't find coins, and no one extends some sort of solution where nationwide we suspend all monetary exchanges until we can figure something out? The guy who manages our property seems nice but if there was a Maoist uprising and we killed all people in charge of land and property would he have to go, too? Is no one in a position to help anyone because we answer to large, soulless financial entities? How is this going to play out?

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