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Berlin Alexanderplatz Episode 6, along with others

So far it's a pretty engrossing series and like most Fassbinder (with the exception of Ali, Fear Eats the Soul, I can't explain why. It feels like that Brechtian fourth wall breaking where some German visionary wackadoo was fucking with the form and hoping that you get something new out of it. One thing is for sure though, the cinematography and lighting is incredible. Hard to believe, compared to what it is now, that this was television. Would they ever shoot something that looked like it was only lit by candle or weak electric lighting? Something so true to the light sources of the time? The Weimar Republic was probably an underlie period of time. Most of the rooms in BA seem like they wouldn't be the best to read a book in. But who knows, they probably weren't doing much reading at the time so it wasn't high on their priority list.

I'm writing about it here because I can't write about it on letterboxd. They only let you review the whole series. It is extremely difficult for me to finish right now, I've had to intersperse it with some other movies, namely Jackie Chan's The Young Master, an early-is film he directed from 1980. It's a fun one once the action gets going. The fights are great and the last one, which lasts twenty minutes, is fucking insane. What a guy.

I also popped Fincher's Zodiac even though I've seen it an unhealthy number times. I'm using a scene from it for casting director workshops because I hate television writing and good writing (usually found in film) is easier to memorize. I stole that line from Tory Kittles when he was doing a press tour for Dragged Across Concrete. I love Zahler and can't wait to see more from him. I also like writing the titles of these movies in italics.

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