• Bilal Mir

Banning Myself

The decision to disengage and try and remain as offline as possible came down to one big question: do I want to be good at being online or do I want to be good at writing? Do I want the immediate satisfaction of being liked for something that will soon be forgotten, memetic culture, or do I want to train myself into being good at something that, if it's good enough, will last a long time. Something very few people end up achieving.

I'm not saying I want to write a novel. Not right now. I want to write movies, I want to talk in the cinematic language. It's something I've always been half interested in doing, but I didn't think of myself as having the potential to be a filmmaker or screenwriter until very recently. Up until then it was acting or nothing. Now the world narrows in its future and so do my prospects, possibly. Things look like they're coming to an end or crashing down dramatically and I think that there's no better time to fulfill my pursuits than now. That's why I'm trying to write in this thing on a regular basis.

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